West v Bays.


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Re: West v Bays.

Post by redandblack on Mon May 19, 2014 7:52 pm

ST, I wouldn't give up yet on Fielke and Hartlett, unless you have news on them?

Looking at Justin Hardy, I'd think he needs another run or two before he's ready.

Ryan Dijksman was unlucky to miss out the last two and was BOG again in the Reserves.  I agree that Hayes should be considered.

I agree the ruck situation needs looking at.  Daniel Webb is rucking really well.

We need two Webbs, two Keoughs and two Beechs  Sad

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Re: West v Bays.

Post by Lachlan on Mon May 19, 2014 8:59 pm

Hope like hell Fielke and Hartlett play. We need them badly 

Webb has played very well in the Ruck this year. That's why he is in the state squad.
Hayes will come back for sure given the number of talls we have out. He hasn't played that
Well so far but I don't think we have any other choice.

Maybe Thompson,Hartlett and Milne to play back with Keough to play at CHF given the injury to key forwards
Birss is an in for mine as is Dijksman for Schiller and Jennings

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