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Post by Thiele on Wed May 23, 2018 7:32 pm

The West Adelaide Football Club is devastated to announce the immediate retirement of life member Aaron Fielke.
Aaron suffered a dislocated shoulder in our round 3 clash against Central District. Initially we thought we could manage this through a short rehabilitation program and ongoing management. Unfortunately on Aaron’s return to the reserves his shoulder dislocated again in the first quarter and it was clear he would not be able to continue to play at league level without surgery. A shoulder reconstruction is a minimum 6 month recovery and hence would rule him out for the season. Aaron has therefore made the difficult decision to retire. He informed the players and staff tonight (Wednesday) at training that he had played his last game and is hanging up the boots.
Aaron has been a much loved character around the club for many years having played at the club since 2004, and this is obviously a very sad and difficult decision for him to make. He is a 2015 premiership player, a life member and one of the best club men going round. Aaron wore the West Adelaide Guernsey with pride every time he ran out and the club won’t be the same without him (even though we will likely see his face more in the club rooms now he doesn’t have training!)
Originally from Loxton North in the Riverland, Aaron came to West Adelaide in 2004 and has played 275 total games for West Adelaide (excluding Foxtel Cup) and 166 league games, scoring a total of 152 goals.
Shannon Green who has played with Aaron for 16 years said, “Aaron Fielke is a true club man of the West Adelaide Football Club. I have felt very privileged being able to run out with him each week, knowing I have someone that is prepared to go into battle with me!”
“He wears his heart on his sleeve, his commitment at every contest is second to none and his ability to do those ruthless acts at critical times is the best I have seen.”
“His determined attitude and his willingness to be fit for every game is known to everyone. It shows the love he has for the football club and it is his way of wanting to contribute to the clubs success.”
“He will be forever loved and welcomed with open arms to the West Adelaide family.”


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Fielke Retires Empty Re: Fielke Retires

Post by Oldfella on Wed May 23, 2018 8:04 pm

When aaron originally made the senior squad i was property steward at that time and given the family link offerred him the number 30 jumper made fwmous by Grantley Fielke.

Whilst thanking me and showing due respect to the number and grantly's achievements he requested another jumper number so he could make that number jumper number highly respect for his effort on the field for west adelaide.

Well i think he has done that and any playere who get his number in the future will look on the locker door and see his achievement. Well done and congratulations young man.

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Fielke Retires Empty Thanks Fielks

Post by bruce cameron on Thu May 24, 2018 3:01 pm

We are sorry to hear of your forced retirement. Thank you for representing the WAFC over all these years, always giving your best and being prepared to put your body on the line. Congratulations on all your achievements, particularly life membership which was so richly deserved. All the best for the future.
Best regards
Sean, Bruce and Chris Cameron
bruce cameron
bruce cameron

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