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Post by Oldfella on Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:23 am

While i have been supporting Westies for close on 65 years i have seen most of  the greats as a supporter and under the stand for 30 years.

It may surprise some that i only call about 15 to 20 westies players champion and many off those did not play much league football because to me its all about courage and determination for the team and the club. I also wait until they are retired from league footy

My more recent champion was the helicopter Tate Silverlock for how he put his hand upduring the 2015 grandfinal knowing he had basically a broken leg just so on a hot day the team could interchange players on/off the bench and had a huge impact. Further other players knowing what was going on were inspired by this.

Others include Kerrin Sporn who trained for an entire year just to play one last game for Westies which sadly his body did not allow but for this entire period he was all times positive, supportive to young players and provided off-field leadership.

Micky Godden and Ben Watkins another two of my champions.

Edited to add Life Member Aaron Fielke not for his marvelous 275 total games for West Adelaide (excluding Foxtel Cup) and 166 league games, scoring a total of 152 goals but for how he behaved off the ground from his first game to his last going out of his way to make staff feel appreciated, his support of all team mate but especially how he always had time a d a smile fo all r supporters especially kids --- if i had to describe my ideal Westies person then he would be high on that list --- damm, was talking to Monday night after meeting and forgot to tell him of my respect damm

I would love to hear from others who they personally rate as champion and why.

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