What other teams do you like or hate


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What other teams do you like or hate Empty What other teams do you like or hate

Post by Richmond Rocker on Fri May 23, 2014 11:52 pm

Sometimes we have a soft spot for other teams sometimes we can't stand other teams. Here are mine starting with my other fav's to the ones i dislike the most. (power and Cows not included as they are irrelevant)

1 - Centrals - always liked them and most of their supporters are good people, except the ones that like to punch you in the head.
2 - South - poor old south, their premiership cup is now 50 and the training up there must be hard on them in the cold months. Great venue to go to when it is warm.
3 - Sturt - s*** oval, reasonable supporters, been through some tough years. Great warm up area for the opposition (sic).
4 - Eagles - I like half of their amalgamation. generally a strange group of supporters, Wish West Torrens still existed. you can join their cheer squad but only after you reach the age of 40. They ran out of beer at a game once and i will never forgive them for that.
5 - Norwood - Worst oval in SANFL, could have been the first AFL club but generously gave it to Port. No Club rooms and along with us produced some of the most boring football ever played in the SANFL.
6 - Glenelg - WTF, I mean what is even the point of playing....there are finals at the end.
7 - North - My all time hate. Oval goes the wrong way. Supporters look like a where's Wally crowd, all the talk of Cocks makes me  sick. They sit on the eastern side of our ground - why? so they can stare into the sun!! 1991 (say no more) produced some great players however. Enjoy beating them he most.
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