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West breaks drought but it's not enough Empty West breaks drought but it's not enough

Post by justsomeoneyouusedtoknow on Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:34 am

Just some random thoughts from someone that has been involved in the club in the last 32 years and has watched this forum with interest but never posted.

West Adelaide won a premiership on Sunday!

Again YOUR TEAM WON after 32 years A PREMIERSHIP!

But it's just not enough to stop the petty, ridiculous complaining that goes on in this forum and other places eg Facebook and the massive amounts of emails that have probably been received by the club.

I don't have an opinion on the photo or the giving of the medal or other things that occurred during Sunday's celebration because neither impact my life in a way that warrants a personal attack on the individual. Nor was the decision of either up to me because I'm not a current member of staff or a current board member.

If you are a member that is unhappy with any decision made by the board then nominate to stand on the board. Someone else will be able to correct me but for some years there has not been a vote required at the AGM because there is not enough nominations to force a vote. Nominations will come out shortly put your hand up! Also over the years many paid positions have become available at the club if you have the required qualifications to do the job and are prepared to work for minimum wage put your hand up! Many many requests for volunteers is made every year you don't have to have special qualifications you'll get a job to do Put Your Hand Up. If you do have substantial qualifications that could benefit the club but you don't want to formally be employed by the club I'm sure the staff would welcome you volunteering and greatly appreciate gaining experience from you PUT YOUR HAND UP!

If you aren't prepared to PUT YOU HAND UP sit down stop the complaining, criticising and personal attacks on those that do and just enjoy the footy.

In saying that EVERY member of staff in the last 32 years has given blood, sweat and many many tears to fight for the clubs survival. So that the club was here to enjoy this very moment. Every staff member has given their very best in the role they were responsible for. Every staff member has sacrificed a great deal to do the job they were responsible for. Every staff member in the last 32 years has received criticism and complaints to their face, behind their backs, in AGM's, via very horrible emails to the club and on this VERY forum. Every staff member has had to cop it, deal with it in their own way but then continue to smile and not complain because they are paid to do a job and are never allowed to respond as that is not professional.

I must say I'm pleased to see Lee defend his staff on this occasion when at other times on this very forum he has joined in the with the complaints and personal criticism. I am surprised however that both the staff member has responded and also other staff have posted. Jason I don't know you but you obviously have great care and respect for this person and a unique relationship but don't engage in here. Onya why comment at all, the weight you give the opinions on the forum is far to great don't engage them.

In the last month the current group of staff have probably had very little sleep, have probably not seen much of their families, have no doubt spent much of that time eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at their desks if they have eaten at all but most likely they have lived on coffee and bar snacks! And it's not over for them best and fairest is only a week away so they have probably celebrated a little, slept a little and are now back at their desks! You would think they will have time later to enjoy this momentous achievement but they are working on premiership merchandise and then moving on to prepare for next season. Soon you will all start on where 2016 membership details are!

In this time I have seen complaints about premiership merchandise not being available or complaints about the sizes available. Many of you would not understand the work behind the scenes and the relationship with the suppliers required to get any merchandise done by Sunday night. On that note I noticed that at 10pm last night My Paspective was posting info about merchandise, I'm assuming this person is a member of staff from the info they provide, and they replied again at 5.30am today! My advice that person should sleep but what extraordinary above and beyond service to you as members! No one is paid to work at 5.30am that is done out of dedication.

Others have complained about the website being down Monday morning. Please really isn't it good that there was such a huge amount of traffic to the site after the team WON A PREMIERSHIP that the site struggled.

I can only guess what type of ridiculous complaints have been emailed to the club in the last week and the many that will come in the weeks ahead. They will be petty and will add undue pressure to the staff.

I have read comments over the years about staff and stability and not having the best people in these roles but is there any wonder. With the garbage that happens here and other places and the treatment they put up with of course they leave.

I'm not saying these staff or any of those that have been employed by the club over the years are perfect, after all they are human. There are mistakes, there are things done that others may think should be done differently but each of them work hard, fight with each other, support each other, expect excellence of themselves and each other. And they are the ones that have actually put their hand up and sacrificed personally and financially.

However saying all this I think this goes to show far to much weight is given to the opinions on this forum by the club. Onya has now felt what others have over the years when being openly and personally attacked on this forum.

People get chewed up and spat out by the club in some cases because of the garbage that is put forward on here. Perhaps now the opinions on here could be taken with more salt and less seriously by board and fellow staff. If the board believe someone is under performing in their role they can take proper steps guided by employment rules instead of allowing it to be done by judge and jury here. More publicly supporting of your staff as has happened in this case even if in the office you are conducting performance management.

One more time West Adelaide WON A PREMIERSHIP AFTER 32 years!! It wasn't done easily or without the hard work of many including players, coaches, staff past and present, board and volunteers! Thank them no matter what and enjoy the win. And PUT YOUR HAND UP TO HELP NEXT YEAR!

While I'm here...... Where is Heather Holmes? I have seen her for many many years give and give to the club but did not notice her on Sunday enjoying the festivities. Heather is certainly one that should be enjoying this with all the hard work she has put in over her time there. Has she been once again used up and dumped????

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West breaks drought but it's not enough Empty Re: West breaks drought but it's not enough

Post by billrobs1 on Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:27 pm

Wow...the obvious irony is getting your point across on the forum you are criticising.

Do I get the scent of a disgrunted ex employee here??.

This is all crazy and seemingly getting out of hand.

One unfortunate guy gets his mug in a photo in the throws of a euphoric moment and then it would seem a VERY SMALL number of delicate people get their noses out of joint and then a whole community of people seem to go into hyperdrive to praise all the hardworking volunteers and staff in an attempt to offset a small number of criticisms on a small number of issues.

Personally I think it is really sad but it wont get me down.

This forum is great and I always enjoy the contributions of the posters, the club is great, the players are superb, the whole footy department are awesome as are the club staff and volunteers as are 99.9% of supporters.

Stuff all this irreleivent b#$ sh!@. We won and I am still absolutely pumped!!!

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West breaks drought but it's not enough Empty Re: West breaks drought but it's not enough

Post by Westiesman on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:26 pm

Hi Guys,

I am a long time reader first time poster. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this forum over the last few years but seriously a few on here need to get over themselves.

I have been a West supporter all my life. 36 years of it. I can tell you this week has been one of the most enjoyable of my life. Years and years of disappointment all gone in 3 hours on Sunday. But some are worried that there is an official in the photo. Please!!

Do yourselves a favour. Get the bloody photo, Frame it, and look at it every time you walk past it and remember how great of a day it was. I know I will be.

Those lads were brilliant on Sunday. We should be talking about that and maybe just maybe dream that for some ridiculous reason that we can do this all again next year.

Go Bloods

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