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Post by bruce cameron on Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:52 pm

aldo russian wrote:Gavin makes it clear in his match review that he believes we are not fit. How is it possible that we are the only club in the competition not to get this basic fundamental right? I hope and trust that the club investigates how this came to happen, and then does something about ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Yes, 'we need to work on our running capacity" certainly sounds like an admission that we are not fit enough. I find this very difficult to believe despite the apparent evidence suggesting the opposite. Running out games didn't seem to be an issue last year. So obviously the coaching staff know what is required to get a team fit. At the AGM Gavin claimed that the players had done all that was asked of them during the pre season. The players have continued to train and play throughout the season. Why should fitness be an issue? Surely, if it was, it should have been recognised early in the season and measures taken to rectify it. If we are lacking in this area, then could there have been other contributing factors such as:
Our reliance on a core group of players to do most of the work. As the game wears on this group simply wears out.
Many players have had an injury riddled season causing them to miss games and possibly, depending on the injury, preventing them from giving a 100% on the track. So at various times throughout the season we may have selected players who, although recovered from the injury, had lost match hardness.
We have needed to select players who were not ready for league football. Even though these players showed promise and contributed well, they did not win a lot of possession, hence the need for the core group to cover more ground.
We were usually smaller than our opposition. Taking on bigger bodies is physically draining and makes it difficult to run out games.
Someone commented, can't remember who, that Connor Fairlie looks much fitter at the end of a game than his new team mates, the implication being that a pre season with South was more effective than with us. However, Snelling and Noble didn't seem to be suspect in this area when making their debuts with their respective AFL clubs. Also, our state representatives didn't seem to struggle in this area.
Irrespective of the cause for fadeouts this year, this is something we have control over. Maybe, this issue can be a blessing. With the high injury count, walk outs and the draft, 2019 was never going to be our year anyway. It will certainly do us no harm to be the fittest team in the competition. During 2015 our last quarters were often our strongest. Let's hope that's the case tonight.
Go the Bloods
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